12th International Conference on Cryocrystals and Quantum Crystals
26-31 August 2018 | Wroclaw / Wojanów, POLAND


The Proceedings will be published after the Conference as one issue of the of Low Temperature Physics.

The procedure of publication is as follows: the Conference participants who wish their work be published shall submit their paper during the first day of the meeting to the Conference Editor, the paper will be reviewed by two referees attending the Conference (in case of diverse opinions a third referee will be called in), and the manuscript with the referees' comments and/or criticism will be returned to the authors before the end of the Conference or right after the Conference. Revised manuscripts will be collected by the Conference Editor in the following month and checked if the referees' suggestions are met, then passed to the Low Temperature Physics Editor.

Conference Submission

Please bring with you to the Conference 3 (three) copies of your manuscript on either A4 (preferred) or 8.5-by-11-inch paper, single-sided. Good Xerox copies are acceptable.

Your manuscript will be refereed during the Conference. To this end, please supply the names of three people who attend the Conference, who might be suitable referees. If the author to whom we should give the referee reports is different from the first author, please include the name of this second author.

Please direct questions about any problems you may be having with this procedure to the conference Editor.

The deadline for manuscript receipt is the midnight of the first full day of the Conference, that is Monday, August 27th 2018.